Cyber Crime & Internet Safety This section provides up to date tips on how to stay safe while communicating online in an ever change world of digital communications. Those that said they would not seek help gave fear of making it worse and being able to deal with it themselves as some of the reasons. Also included in this section safety tips related to use of location based services, texting, and online dating. Others thought cyber bullies are motivated by a lack of confidence and a desire for control, perhaps because they are too cowardly to bully face-to-face. Randi Zuckerberg, left, marketing director of Facebook has spoken out against internet anonymity in a bid to end cyber bullying. While the Internet has provided exceptional resources for everyday use, there are many risks one has to consider as well.

Her brother, founder Mark Zuckerberg, right, said he would ‘fight’ to allow under-13s to use the site – despite warnings it would put the most vulnerable children at risk. RELATED ARTICLES Share Steven Walker, who led the research said: While most online interactions are neutral or positive, the internet provides a new means through which children and young people are bullied. 4 per cent) admitted they had been subjected to cyber bullying, in which a person uses the internet or mobile phones to bully another. Those looking for support were most likely to seek help from parents and friends. Many victims said their experiences had damaged their confidence, mental health and even school attendance. Just over a quarter (29 per cent) of those who had been cyber-bullied had stayed away from school, while more than a third (39 per cent) had stopped socialising outside of school hours.

Of the 273 girls questioned, 60 (22 per cent) said they had been subjected to cyber bullying, while out of the 200 boys quizzed 27 (13. Of those 188 young people who answered a question about whether they would seek help with cyber bullying, only less than half (45 per cent) said they would look for support. Consider these tips for protecting yourself and your computer..
. As the use of social media amongst young people continues to grow, unless properly addressed by host sites and Government agencies the problem of cyber bullying is only likely to get worse. ..


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